Meet Dana With Kindred Spirits Planning & Design

We are so happy to announce that Dana is one of our new coordinators & designer! Dana has worked with us since our company opened four years ago and is a wonderful addition to our family owned and operated company!


Keep reading to learn more about Dana & her love for helping our couples!  

Dana has been a project manager overseeing multimillion dollar projects in the public sector for 20 years and has been active over the past 6 years in event planning and design for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, tea parties and fund raisers. She excels in attention to details, time management and budgeting.

She resides in rural Corvallis on Sleepy Creek Farm with her husband David and 12 year old son Javon. In her spare time Dana enjoys gardening, shopping at flea markets and antique shops. Reading science fiction books and reading design magazines for new ideas and inspiration. She also enjoys roller derby and as well as donating her time to local non-profit organizations in the community.

What made you want to become a coordinator?

I enjoy fast paced multitasking jobs that require a lot of organization. I also have a keen eye for details and an over the top love for attending and planning pretty parties.
Plus, there's nothing better than making someone's dreams and visions come true! And being able to see the look of awe and excitement from guests when they enter a party or wedding. 


What is your favorite part of a wedding?

While all eyes are typically on the bride, I always watch the reaction of the groom as his bride first appears to make her way down the aisle towards him. Gets me right in the feels every time.

What is your best tip for our couples?

Stay mindful on your wedding day. Don't let stress and nerves overtake the day. Take time to breathe, settle your minds and calm your nerves. Be thankful for each other as well as your family and friends. Really take in the sights and sounds of your wedding celebration.
Oh and eat! Most newlyweds don't find time to eat and are starving by the end of the night. You my want to ask the caterer to pack up some food for the two of you just in case.

What are you most excited about for 2018?

I'm really focusing on happiness in 2018. Doing and supporting things that bring me joy. Such as tending my chickens, being at weddings, empowering and supporting women and women owned businesses, gardening, volunteering at local nonprofits and of course spending quality time with my family and friends.

With the thought of "The best time for new beginnings is now!" I'm busy developing my own small business, a specialty cut flower farm and floral design. In addition, I'm excited and honored to be joining KS as a coordinator it will allow me to support a woman owned business, go to weddings and be with family! Check! Check! And check! Joining KS also allows me the opportunity to work with amazing brides and vendors!

2018 will be full of hard work and determination but the outcome will be happiness and blessings! And that is certainly something to look forward to!