Meet Lori With Kindred Spirits Planning & Design


The most important things in my life are faith, family and love. The biggest joy in life for me is being a wife, mother and grandmother. Throughout my life, the need to emotionally support people I care about is a driving force I cannot deny. I have spent the better part of my career as a manager, which allows me to guide and develop young people based on their strengths. Embarking on the adventure of wedding planning and design, allows me the opportunity to extend my love of caring and supporting individuals to our couples and their families.

What made you want to become a coordinator?

Being a wedding coordinator was not something I ever saw myself doing, however, that changed when I saw my daughter Jessica pull together an awesome community event purely to have something creative to do. I knew right away this was something she had a natural talent for.  I found myself really wanting to support this endeavor along side her.  From the very beginning of our business, I discovered my natural ability to fill the role of "mom" pretty much anywhere, was really rewarding. Keeping everyone stress free, managing timelines and ensuring everyone and everything is cared for is a role I welcome with open arms.

What is your favorite part of a wedding?

The first dance. For many it's really the first time during the wedding day that couples are able to come together and for a period of time, it's just the two of them. You can really see the love and excitement between them as they share the beginning of their lives together

What is your best tip for our couples?

Make it your day to enjoy each other and family. Don't allow others to make you feel obligated to make it any more or less than that. Also make sure you eat and stay hydrated!


What are you most excited about for 2018?

We have put so much time and love into this business and I am really excited to be able to show everyone how much we have grown!  Expanding our team by adding Shelly and Dana and re-branding our business to present who we truly are.  And of course, I'm excited to make dreams come true for our couples.