Meet Tamara With Poppies & Paisley Floral

Today we are highlighting Tamara with Poppies & Paisley Floral!!!


Every vendor in the wedding community has their own personal style, this is what you connect with when you look through their portfolio and ultimately makes you jump up and down when you finally find that person that can exactly express your vision on your big day!

Tamara’s style is best explained as grand! Out of the box, princess wedding or an intimate elopement, Tamara will make your most photographed accessory absolutely amazing! With bold looks, brilliant colors and only the best quality of floral, Tamara is hands down one of our favorite florists to work with!!


What made you decide to become a florist? 

 Fate chose me to be a florist. I always had a creative flare about me, all through school and college I was constantly adding in classes that I could really flex my artistic muscles. I was on a very different path that never really felt right. Life happens so fast, and I just kept lollipopping along jumping from job to job, but never really finding my niche. I always had something that was missing. Flash forward a decade of job to job, getting married, having kids and loving being a mom. Then it hit me that those kids will be in school full time and I needed to get back into the work force part time so that when the came that they are gone all day I will then be able to bump up to full time. My husband and I bounced various ideas off of each other, and about a week later he was browsing Craigslist and found a florist shop downtown Portland that was for sale for crazy cheap and that we could actually possibly afford. I loved the idea and jumped at the chance to own my own business. I felt like it would really be fulfilling to both sides of my brain. We jumped through all the hoops, prepared all the contracts, hurried up to wait for other parties that were involved just to be told that they were denying my lease option because I am a financial risk. Their reasoning was because I don't use credit enough.. It didn't matter that my husband had a successful business for several years, or that we owned our cars outright, and had hardly any debt beyond a house. I was a risk because I didn't borrow enough money. I was devastated. I had finally felt like I found where I belonged and they told me because I had been financially responsible that I was not worthy of their building. What do you even say to that?! I cried, then was mad, then put my big girl pants on and said 'I can do this, I don't need them' and Poppies and Paisley Floral was born. At first I was just a company name, and a fancy federal listing number. Then I got to work. I researched where to become certified, and found an amazing school that was luckily local. I flew threw the classes and was hungry for more. I had a fancy acronym at the end of my name. I felt so official. Hours and hours were spent building a portfolio, networking to get my name out there, building a website, and building my skill set. To this day I still take continuing education classes, and watch hours of how to videos so that I can stay on top of trends and make sure that when I am brought something totally out of the box, I am able to knock your socks off with a finished product. Then I found what I loved most about all the avenues of being a florist. WEDDINGS. I just love weddings. The ability to really build and event with a couple that is celebrating the fact that they chose each other is so amazing. I dug down and took more classes that specialized in weddings and events, that way I can really offer the best of the best options. Here I am today. Loving my job, and excited to say that I actually have a career for life, and not just a job for now. 

What is your favorite part of the wedding day?


My favorite part of the wedding day is when I present a bride her bouquet! Seeing those eyes light up is worth every last bit of the hours and hours and hours of prep for a wedding. 
Tamara did amazing work for my wedding! The flowers were beautiful and the arrangements were everything we had envisioned! She made a flower headband for my daughter that was absolutely perfect. We live in Nebraska and put our trust into Tamara to make our destination wedding come to life. this is most definitely what she did! I highly recommend her!
— Rachel from Nebraska

What makes you stand out in your field?


That is a tough one. I think what makes me stand out is the fact that I actually went to school for this. I was taught proper mechanics, flower care and handling, and I continue to learn what the new trends require, new techniques, and really great options if what you want isn't possible for your date. I am a great problem solver, and I make sure that I can give you the best that I possibly can. 


In your experience, what is one piece of advice that you would give your couples?


The single best piece of advice that I can give a couple would be to hire a coordinator! It makes the life of vendors so much easier, it ensures that you can actually enjoy your wedding day, and not worry that a single thing is out of place, and to make sure that everything happens that you have dreamed of. A coordinator makes it so that you can focus on being at your best, relaxing while you are getting ready and able to really just drink in the whole day. Not only you but your wedding party, your parents, and everyone can sit back and relish in the thought that you found 'the one'. 


What are you most excited about for this upcoming year?


2018 will be amazing!! I am excited for wedding season, where I can see the fruits of my labor really take shape! Honestly though, I really just am excited to see where the year takes me as a whole. I have a lot of irons in the fire and I am not so patiently waiting for the right time to tend to each and every one of them.